What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator

Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator?

Interior designers and decorators often fill many different roles in home remodeling. Here’s some way to differentiate the two, to help you choose the right professional for your own remodeling needs. There are five key differences between an interior designer and a decorator that can be helpful when looking for a remodeling contractor.

What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator?

Safety: An interior decorator works to make spaces safer for everyone by improving ventilation, lighting, flooring, counter-tops, walling, and the overall look and feel of a room or area. An interior designer focuses on creating attractive spaces for buyers or tenants while also offering the safest possible spaces. Also, many people enjoy interior decorating and staging, as well. This can include many different businesses, such as offices or stores. Decorators, however, focus on spaces that are intended for a specific purpose.

What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator

Creativity: Decorators tend to come up with more original ideas than interior designers. However, just because an interior designer has a creative mind, this does not mean that they are the best at what they do. Also, most interior designers work with a team of architects or designers. Architects and designers create the new construction spaces, often working closely with architects from the beginning of the design process until completion. On the other hand, decorators work with a limited number of artists and designers, and their style and design choices are often more eclectic.

Training: Although more people go to school for careers as architects and design professionals, most people do not go to college to become interior decorators. Although there are various formal training programs offered by schools, community colleges, technical schools, and even online institutions, a formal training program is not necessary to become an interior decorator. Most states do not require a formal training program for this profession, although it may be beneficial to you in the future. If you are thinking about going into business for yourself after your career as an architect or interior designer, you will need to undergo some formal training program.

Certification or Accreditation: Just as the names imply, designers and decorators do not need to receive any formal training or certificate to practice. However, most states require that these professionals hold a degree in interior design or architecture. Also, these professionals need to be certified in residential design. In most states, this certification is only required for new contractors, but some cities and towns require this training for existing builders.

The Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator: These professionals have a lot in common. They share an interest in art, fashion, architecture, and interior design. However, the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator are significant, especially in the design process. Interior designers often use computers, drafting equipment, and other technology to help them design their spaces. Interior decorators often work with clients daily to help them come up with a space plan.

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