Interior Design Styles That Work Best for Your Home

Interior Design Styles That Work Best for Your Home

The most popular interior design style in the United States today is modern or minimalist interior design. Also referred to as clean, minimal, and streamlined interior design, this particular style was actually around longer than most people realize. It predates America’s very popular cookie-cutter style.

Interior Design Styles That Work Best for Your Home

Interior Design Styles That Work Best for Your HomeWhile some may argue that minimalist interior design styles have become overly popular, it is important to remember that they were once a rarefied specialty. The only way to truly classify a style is by using as few features as possible, which makes contemporary furniture especially intriguing. Contemporary furniture consists of clean lines with lots of light and airy finishes. Clean lines with light and air are often associated with postmodern or minimalist art forms, but you should note that many interior design styles fit this description.

As an interior design style, earth tones have a texture and feel that many people associate with nature. From pine boughs and dry flower arrangements to vibrant, earthy hues, earth tones are perfect for the outdoors. They can add interest to an outdoor space or provide a relaxing, calming environment indoors. Earth tones are usually muted, so accent colors are important. Muted colors can range from pale yellow to eggshell to peach. Just remember that earth tones should never be used in large rooms, as they tend to be washed out by the sun.

Another very popular interior design style is the blend. Blend styles bring together different elements from several other styles. This can include modern, eclectic, traditional, and country elements. When blending styles, it is important to remember that each style has its personality. For instance, a contemporary room could incorporate various wood elements, while a traditional space would need to stay with a more traditional theme. These blending elements can also complement one another, such as using the same fabrics on a sofa and upholstery area.

An interesting interior design style that incorporates natural materials is the French country look. In addition to using earth tones for their walls and furniture, the French country look includes rustic woods, silks, floral accents, and gold accents. The most common items you will find are rough wood flooring, distressed fabrics, and lace accents on the furniture to create a French country look. The color scheme for this look is generally light wood with dark floral accents. If you are going with this interior design style, keep any fabrics in neutral colors. Any color that is too vibrant will overpower the space.

One very simple but elegant interior design style is the clean, straight line. Clean lines are perfect for any space because the room flows gracefully because there are no distracting details. Clean lines may include sharp angles on the walls and furniture and spaces that are designed. This style is extremely functional because it requires less attention when it comes to cleaning. Besides, many people enjoy the simplicity of clean lines. For these reasons, many people choose to incorporate clean lines in their home design styles.

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