Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern interior design generally refers to an organized and sleek style that began in the late nineteenth century. In its purest form, the modernist design represents a clean, minimalist approach to life. Because of this, designers held off on excessive patterns and detailing while focusing instead on simple and durable materials. Unfortunately, these principles often did not hold up under pressure and became disheveled.

In reaction to the overwhelming popularity of contemporary design styles, many architects and interior designers shifted their styles towards the more experimental or radical side of the spectrum. With the rejection of contemporary designs, some sought to distance themselves from modernism. Others embraced the trends but chose to live in opposition to its ideals. These styles ultimately failed to provide the solutions that people were looking for as they continued to adopt outdated styles.

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design IdeasThe concept of the open-plan interior design was a response to the overly complicated layouts of contemporary styles. Although we initially disregarded modern interior design, it was soon embraced and used by several famous designers. One of the most prominent is Charles Eames. His classic Eames Lounge Chair was designed to be the perfect blend of art and functionality. After adopting his innovative chair style into other pieces, like tables and sofas, Eames fully lived up to his immense reputation.

Due to its radical departure from contemporary architecture, modernism quickly gained a stronghold among the majority of architects and interior designers. The overall effect was a return to simpler times, focusing on simplicity and function above all else. While this brought with it many design flaws, it also revitalized the idea of simplicity itself.

The goal is to bring a structure, be it a home, a restaurant, a business, or an office, into complete harmony with its surrounding environment. The discipline modernism brought with it focused on maximizing the functional use of space.

Many famous modern interior designers have contributed to the concept of clean lines and simplicity. But perhaps the best modern interior designers of all time are Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. Both of these designers made use of strong focal points in their architecture, which in turn, made every room seem like a piece of a masterpiece.
Frank Lloyd Wright’s design’s key element was the “trinity” of form, color, and texture. His “Lincoln” House features a beautiful spiral staircase, while the “Looming Wall” uses light panels to bathe the upper part of the house in sunlight.

Another important aspect of modernism is the minimalism of the furniture that is being used. This can either be a deliberate attempt to keep things simple, or it can be something that comes out due to the constraints of space. However you look at it, modern furniture plays a very vital role in making your home modern. Here are some more popular modern furniture pieces that can enhance the decor of any home.

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